IT education in Nepal

Information technology (IT) is one of the most popular fields of study amongst the

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Nepalese youth these days. With the growth of outsourcing and development of mobile technologies, more and more Nepalese youth are opting to study Computer science, IT, Network administration, software engineering ,etc. This has also created a big increase in Engineering colleges and institutions in Nepal. Here is a list of Engineering and IT Colleges in Nepal.


Softwarica College of IT and E-Commerce, Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Institute of Engineering Pulchok
Kathmandu University Dudhikehl
Pokhara Engineering Collage Pokhara
Nepal Engineering Collage Duwakot, Bhaktapur
Kathmandu Engineering Collage Kalimati
Kantipur Engineering Collage Dapakhel, KTM
NCIT College Gwarko Chok, Lalitpur 5433084,550198
Campion Kathmandu Collage Gahanapokhari, Ktm 431494/5
Kathmandu DonBosco Collage New Baneswor, Ktm 482230
Kantipur City Collage Putalisadak, Ktm
Kathmandu Campus Tinkune
Collage of Information Technology Buddha Nagar 482005, 482212
Cyber Collage New Baneswor,Ktm
Cosmos Collage Ekantakuna
Apex collage New Baneswor,Ktm
Lord Buddha Collage Maitidevi, Ktm
Nobel Academy New Baneswor,Ktm 481401,497927
Prime Collage Nayabazar 360180,360182
Acme Engineering college
Star Engineering college
White House college New Baneshwor
Everest Engineering Colleges
Lumbini Engineering college
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